Papua Ethnic Culture

Influence of Leader-Member Exchange, Perceived Organizational Support, Papua Ethnic Culture and Organizational Citizenship Behavior toward Employee Performance of Workers in Papua Provincial Secretary Office
(dimuat di Journal of Business and Management (IOSR-JBM, India 2012)

Abstract: Objective for this study is to analyze and finding out the influence of leader-member exchange, perceived organizational support and culture (Papua ethnic culture) toward organizational citizenship behavior and its impact toward employee’s performance. Access sample consist of 300 Papua-ethnic employees which has the opportunity to work for Papua Provincial Secretary Office. This study used statistical descriptive analysis to determine characteristic of respondent for each variables indicator. Meanwhile, to test relationship between variables, statistical descriptive analysis method and SEM with AMOS 6 approach was used. Result from this study has proven that good leader-member exchange is not yet able to form organizational citizenship behavior and improving employees’ performance. For organizational support perception, culture (Papua ethnic culture) in partial is able to improving employees’ performance through organizational citizenship behavior. In additional, results also showed that in order to enhance work discipline and better work ethos of employees, leader should consider local culture, communication and work commitment factors.

Key Words: Leader-Member Exchange, Papua Ethnic Culture, Organizational Citizenship Behavior, Perceived Organizational Support, Employees Performance

(Arius Kambu, Ekonomi Uncen)


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